Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend cooking - kidney bean soup

This is a totally vegetarian soup with kidney beans, a wonderful source of low-fat protein.

120g onions
200g carrots
70g marrow
210g broccoli
200g pumpkin
1 X 410g can tomato & onion
300g cooked kidney beans
Tomato stock cube
1 tablespoon garlic1 teaspoon salt (or more, to taste)
Worcester sauce
2L water

Follow a normal soup recipe. In fact, with soup you honestly can't go wrong (unless you add too much salt or something like that).

I always liquidise my soups so they come out nice and creamy.

Serve with bread rolls and enjoy!

Aren't these little Portuguese rolls cute?

And of course, I freeze the rest of the soup.
For any tomato-based soup, spray your container and lid with an oil-based spray like Spray and Cook (I think you guys in the US call it Pam). Then your containers stay nice and clean forever!

For more vegetarian recipes, head on over to Overwhelmed with Joy.

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