Thursday, April 28, 2011

Works for me ANY day - chicken stir-fry

I don't like meals that take a lot of time to prepare.
Complicated + Marcia = NOT good
So while everything I make takes about 30 - 45 mins max, this is one of my no-fail easy meals.
Stir-fry some chicken and lots of veggies. I like onion, mushroom, broccoli, pumpkin (try it - you'll love it) and spinach.
If I have some rice, I prefer to serve it with rice. But if I don't and I'm going to be late for the gym, then I pull out 2-minute noodles, zap those in the microwave and serve over noodles.
To be honest, Dion likes the noodles better than the rice anyway but I like the healthiness of brown rice.

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  1. Hi Marcia, I try to cook some of your recipe here and they are very delicious. I hope that I can cook them all. Do you also have a right procedure on how to make a Recipe for Stir Fry Sauce? I want to try it.